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Hi, I'm G.  I am so excited to launch a line that represents how I interpret streetwear. My ideas of future products are endless, I look forward to sharing them with you. My inspiration comes from my how I have been dressing for years. I love statement pieces, but pair them up with basic pieces to allow the "Signature Pieces" such as Hoodies or Kicks to standout. I am a sneaker addict, I follow most shoe brands. The logo was carefully designed to represent strength, respect, fierceness, and power. Each are characteristics we all have and are great to possess. 

Fashion is an art and sometimes a science.

Special Breed-Defined by me as having a distinctive appearance, unique fierceness, and attitude but never forgetting gratitude for all we already have.

I strive in providing high quality apparel that you will love. Fashion is therapy for me and a way to express myself. I love seeing my items on others, each person makes Special Breed items unique and whether you wear a hoodie with Jeans and Heels or the coolest kicks, the impact is always great! Thank you for your interest. Feel free to email me I'd love to hear your feedback.

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